Can A Hot Summer Cause Problems In Your Home? NJ Home Inspections

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Can A Hot Summer Cause Problems In Your Home?

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The simple answer is yes. But the question is what kind of problems? Your NJ home inspector can be a valuable resource for arming you with knowledge about your home. As a result, the more prepared your home is for summer the better equipped you will be to avoid issues that are prone to arise. Your Home Inspector LLC is the top choice for Bergen County home inspections.

Effects of Summer Heat On Your Home

The effects of summer heat are varied. Plumbing and air conditioning issues are at the top of the list. Air conditioning systems are overworked in extreme heat which makes it important to have the system inspected. Air ducts need to be cleaned and routine maintenance needs to be performed. Problems with AC are common and whether you hire an HVAC specialist or an NJ home inspector to examine your system you want to make sure the AC works when you need it most!

Plumbing is, of course, the other big issue. Most people think of winter as the time of year when plumbing issues arise. After all, frozen pipes bursting on the coldest days of the year are not uncommon in New Jersey. The types of issues that arise with plumbing during a hot summer include clogged drains and leaks resulting from high use. Plumbing issues can be avoided with inspections of plumbing, sewer lines, and drains.

Electrical Systems Get Overloaded In Hot Weather

Electrical systems are another part of a home to keep an eye on. Air conditioning and fans may be running non-stop, placing stress on your breakers. Make sure your fuse box and breaker system are up to code and sufficient for your needs. Extreme temperatures, hot or cold, can do a number on a home. A New Jersey home inspector can ensure that your home is in good condition, but proactive maintenance is essential to surviving seasonal issues.


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