Who Is Responsible For Repairs Recommended In a Bergen County NJ Home Inspection?


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So, who pays for repairs recommended by a Bergen County NJ Home Inspector depends upon the reason for the inspection.
* If the inspection is scheduled as part of a home purchase agreement, the responsibility for the cost of the repairs can be negotiable between buyer & seller.
* If repairs are deemed necessary on a newly built house, then the builder should make the repairs.
* On some occasions, a home is inspected proactively because the present homeowner just wants to know the condition of the house. Or, maybe to prepare for a future resale. In this case the homeowner is responsible for the repairs resulting from a home inspection.



Home Sales Dependent Upon A Bergen County NJ Home Inspection


A New Jersey home is often inspected because of a contingency in a purchase contract. Often, there will be various small issues to deal with. Sometimes recommended repairs can be a bit more expensive. If this becomes a problem it can cause a cancellation of the contract. Most Bergen County NJ home buyers expect a seller to make the necessary repairs. If a home seller has offered the house “as is” they may refuse to make repairs. This can become the grounds for negotiation and a little “give” on both sides. The question of who is responsible for repairs recommended by a home inspector doesn’t always have a definitive answer. All of the potential scenarios make it imperative to have a house inspected before it is purchased. Not knowing the condition of a home before buying it can result in a costly mistake! Your Home Inspector LLC is a highly qualified & certified inspection service in Bergen County NJ and we guarantee satisfaction with our work.


Learn The Condition Of The Bergen County NJ Home You are Buying


For a comprehensive home inspection by an experienced team, contact ‘Your Home Inspector’ based in Mahwah Bergen County NJ. We welcome the opportunity to explain the home inspection process, and serve as your guide. We will answer all of your questions, including who is responsible for repairs resulting from a home inspection. We can be reached at (201) 320-9092.

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