A Home Inspection Is A Good Way To Start The Process of Preparing Your Home For Winter


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Winter seems to creep up on us earlier every year. As far as protecting your home against cold weather, you can be caught off guard. A home inspection is a good way to start the process of safeguarding your home from winter related damage. A home inspector will be able to inform you if there are potential areas of weather related weakness and offer some tips for winterizing your home. Your Home Inspector LLC is always ready to help homeowners get their premises ready for whatever severe weather may bring.  Preparing your home for winter should start now.


What Are The Most Probable Areas of Vulnerability In Your House?


The most damaging winter weather related problem you face is frozen pipes. Long periods of freezing temperatures can lead to pipes freezing. When those pipes burst you may be in for a messy and expensive situation. Home heating does help protect interior faucets and showerheads, but there are some pipes that are more exposed. These exposed pipes can be insulated and should protect against freezing.

Outdoor spigots are very susceptible to damage caused by freezing. These outside spigots often run through the foundation of your house. If they burst you could damage the foundation. Very often these outdoor spigots have shutoff valves. But if they don’t they should be covered an protected from the elements. Be sure to see to these outdoor spigots before winter.

Roof Gutters are another place where water collects and freezes. This can cause an ice dam and prevent water from flowing down the spout. The spout can also become heavy with ice and detach. Check gutters before winter also.

Chimneys should be cleaned and checked before winter. Creosote can build up in a chimney and cause a dangerous fire and smoke situation if you light a fire.

These preventions should be undertaken before the really cold weather arrives. The earlier the better, you don’t want to have to be working outdoors when the thermometer drops. 


A Home Inspection Helps Save You Money


Before winter, or in any season, calling Your Home Inspector LLC for a comprehensive home inspection is a potential money saver for you. We are able to draw attention to things that need repairing or replacing. Our knowledge and experience can help protect your home from the worst damage that winter weather can cause. Knowing about potential problems and repairing them before they become disasters saves you money. For a complete pre-winter home inspection give us a call for an appointment. We can be reached at (201) 320-9092.

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