Pool Checklist | Pool Maintenance Checklist For Your NJ Pool!

Pool Maintenance Checklist Bergen County NJ*Formerly known as NJ Pool Inspector, Your Home Inspector offers these services To keep your NJ Pool in the best working order, including to stand up against the toughest NJ pool inspection 😉 – the following simple pool checklist or pool maintenance checklist of steps are Mahwah, Bergen County, NJ-based ‘NJ Pool Inspector’s’ recommendation!

NJ Pool Maintenance Checklist Tips

1. Have Pool Ownership Discipline!

The key to a clean healthy NJ pool is discipline. Put together a cleaning schedule plan and stick to it. Taking a week or two off from your maintenance plan can result in algae buildup or a clogged filter. Worse, it can throw a pool’s pH levels way off. So have discipline with your pool.

2. Keep Pool Water Clean!

This is NJ, it is windy and stormy; leaves, bugs, and debris are going to find their way into your pool. Be certain your pool’s circulation system is working, use your skimmer to remove debris regularly, and clean out those strainer baskets at least once a week.

3. Clean Your Pool’s Filter!

Regardless of the type of filter (e.g. cartridge, sand, or diatomaceous earth) it must be cleaned at least every single month.

4. Keep Pool Water Levels Right!

Depending on the model, your NJ pool’s water level should never fall below a set level. If so, it can damage the pool’s pump. Whether it is due to average usage or evaporation, water is undoubtedly going to be lost during a season. So, you have to pay attention to those water levels and keep them at or above recommended levels.

5. Vacuum And Clean The Pool!

Just like the carpet in your living room, a pool simply must be vacuumed. It’s advisable to do it once, maybe more, a week and regardless of whether or not there is noticeable dirt or debris. The process may stir up debris, so one must also remember to then clean out the pool filter – with discipline. And also be in the habit of brushing the sides of your NJ pool. It will prevent calcium deposits or algae buildup.

6. Healthy pH is a Pool Priority!

For your NJ pool to offer everyone the safe swimming they deserve, you must maintain a healthy pH. pH (defined) measures pool acidity and alkalinity. A healthy NJ pool pH is believed to be between 7.3 and 7.8. Using readily available testing kits, it is advisable to check the pool pH 3 times a week. And you can get these kits at any local pool supply store.

7. Just Pay Attention To Your Pool!

Pay attention to your NJ pool’s walls, its’ lining for rips or tears, and its water levels – at all times. It is better to catch a potential problem early and repair it before the real problem begins. Winterize, to protect against cold weather, debris and critters. And be sure to fix anything you see before you’re forced to winterize because it will avoid matters from getting much worse.

Pool Checklist | NJ Pool Inspector

And so, if you can follow these simple pool maintenance checklist steps, you will likely find that your ‘NJ Pool Inspection’ passes with flying colors! Mahwah, Bergen County, NJ-based ‘NJ Pool Inspector’ serves both the local and surrounding towns’ pools. We are an inspector, not a pool maintenance company, so we NEVER have any conflict of interest when it comes to an unbiased pool inspection.

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