What is Included in A NJ Pool Inspection or Spa Inspection?

What Is Included In A NJ Pool Inspection?*Formerly known as NJ Pool Inspector, Your Home Inspector offers these services So what is included in a pool inspection (or Spa Inspection)? Summarized, a pool inspection should help the homeowner (or buyer) avoid costly repairs and to know about the pool’s condition, including its mechanical processes. Here is what you can expect in a thorough pool inspection with ‘NJ Pool Inspector‘.

Inspect to See If The Pool is Safe

When considering what should be included in a pool inspection or spa inspection you will find that ‘NJ Pool Inspector’ sets out to make sure your overall pool and spa experience is safe. Priorities, for instance, include ensuring that electrical wires are far away from the pool and that walkways do not pose any slip or fall hazards. To review fencing and latches, in order to be sure no one will end up in the pool that should have never been there. Fencing should also be reviewed for height & design versus any local laws or standards. And while a Pool Inspector is not required to make sure that your outdoor pool space meets local law or ordinance, the goal is to advise and/or make recommendations that help.

Inspect The Pool Interior

Some pools have vinyl liners to contain the water, so ‘NJ Pool Inspector’ will inspect for any ‘hard to otherwise detect’ tears in a lining that could eventually require a costly repair. Some pools are finished with various types of plaster and, while some cracking is normal with plaster, ‘NJ Pool Inspector’ will inspect for any that could lead to a costly repair. We will also inspect decorative or functional tiling laid inside the pool.

Inspect Pool Lighting

Many pools os have lights. ‘NJ Pool Inspector’ will review these lights, including whether an old-fashioned light bulb or newer LED light solution is working correctly. We will check to see if there is any condensation inside the pool lighting fixtures, which can become a mold issue. We may recommend a replacement bulb or a new type of lighting solution, to help avoid any sort or long-term issues.

Inspect All Decking Surrounding The Pool

The deck of a pool or spa is where the action happens! Swimming, jumping in, lounging about, or just dipping toes – the edges surrounding a pool are a core part of an ‘NJ Pool Inspector’ inspection. We will check out all “coping”, typically the 12-18 inch area directly around the pool made of hard material such as concrete, brick, or stone. For instance, even a chip can lead to trip & fall hazards or just debris. Then we will inspect the decking or any hard surface beyond that coping for any damage. We will also look into proper drainage and any tilts or pitches in the various decking.

Inspect Saltwater Pools For Any Corrosion

Saltwater pools are a luxurious option. They allow for lower levels of chlorine (necessary to sanitize non-saltwater pools) and thus less maintenance. However, salt itself can cause corrosion, so ‘NJ Pool Inspector’ will pay close attention when inspecting saltwater pools and spas.

Inspect Pool Pump

A pump is a required piece of pool equipment that circulates water around to maintain warm clean water. A pool ospa pump is necessary or the pool will not be functioning for long! ‘NJ Pool Inspector’ will check to see if the pump is working correctly.

Inspect Pool Filter

Pool filters will clean and sanitize a pool’s water. Without a functioning filter, a pool can rapidly become an uninviting mess. ‘NJ Pool Inspector’ will make sure that the filter is secured in place, and that all valves leading to the filter are functioning properly.

Inspect Pool Heater

We are based here in the northeast where most everyone needs a pool heater. ‘NJ Pool Inspector’ will look to see if the pool’s heater supports its size, in order to verify whether or not it can work as it should. Heaters are expensive, and knowing the investment is working correctly matters.

Inspect Pool Accessories

The Pool may have accessories such as a diving board, a slide, an infinity edge, or a fountain. There may be other accessories used in regular cleaning or maintenance. ‘NJ Pool Inspector’ will look them over. For instance, do diving boards or slides suffer any rust or deterioration? Are there sharp edges that could lead to an injury? The idea here is always to avoid potential risks and liability.

In Summary

‘NJ Pool Inspector’ does no pool construction, nor do we sell any services or accessories – WE ONLY INSPECT POOLS. There is never a ‘conflict of interest’ here so give us a call, and let’s discuss getting your pool inspected today!

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