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NJ Mold Inspection


NJ Mold Inspection | Mold: Literally A “Growing Concern” In NJ

Since there has been so much media hype surrounding MOLD, prospective home buyers in Bergen County NJ want a home that has been MOLD Inspected. MOLD sampling has become a standard practice during a home inspection. A NJ MOLD Inspection is your first defense to find out if MOLD is a problem in your home, YOU MUST have a NJ MOLD Inspection conducted by Your Home Inspector NJ.

 NJ MOLD Inspection | Your Home Inspector NJNJ Mold Inspection Prevents Health Problems

MOLD has the potential to cause health problems in every home in NJ and even make the home uninhabitable. Everyone is affected differently when in contact with MOLD. It may not bother the seller, but severely affect the buyer. MOLD can produce allergens, irritants and in some cases, potentially toxic chemicals known as mycotoxins, which may cause sensitive people to become ill.

People diagnosed with allergies and asthma may be very sensitive to MOLD. Infants, children, elderly, pregnant women and individuals with existing respiratory conditions may be affected by MOLD.

NJ MOLD Inspection

Symptoms Of Mold Exposure

MOLD may cause: Itching, irritation of the nose, throat or skin. Mysterious skin rashes, Sinus infections or congestion, respiratory problems (sneezing/coughing) Upper/lower respiratory infections, fatigue, frequent headaches, trouble concentrating, memory lapses, confusion, mood swings, anxiety, depression, chronic aches & pains, digestive problems.

NJ Mold Inspection Keeps Your Family Safe

You owe it to yourself and family to minimize your exposure to MOLD spores in the indoor environment. Get a NJ MOLD Inspection today!

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