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Safety And Security

NJ Pool Inspection | Your Home Inspector NJIf you are buying a home with a pool, spa or hot tub, having a NJ pool inspection or spa inspection is a critical step in assuring your safety and liability in Bergen County, NJ. Properly inspected and maintained pools reduce the risk of drownings, injuries and entrapment. Trained pool and spa inspectors like the inspectors you will meet at Your Home Inspector LLC provide pool inspections that evaluate water quality, safety equipment and physical conditions of pools and spas.

A NJ Pool Inspection Is Critical

The water in your pool may look beautiful and inviting, but that does not mean that there are not dangerous hazards hiding beneath the surface. A NJ pool inspection will identify potential hazards and needed repairs along with the advice needed to reverse these issues and prevent them from occurring again.

What To Expect With A NJ Pool Inspection

Diagnosing Pool Problems

Your NJ Pool Inspector will begin by identifying the:

  • Pool size
  • Pool depth
  • Type of pool materials used in construction, such as poured cement, fiberglass, or vinyl

Next Your Home Inspector, LLC will do a visual inspection of the area around the pool and the pool itself, looking for warning signs of potential issues, such as:

  • Cracks in the surface.
  • Check that railings, ladders and diving boards are built to standard and securely fastened,
  • Check that filter casings are in good working order and properly installed.

The  water in your pool will then be tested for proper levels of chlorine, calcium, pH, and alkalinity.

Check Pool Equipment

The next step in your NJ pool inspection is and detailed look at all the moving parts. A pool plumbing inspection will check that all pumps are at the correct water pressure and are working properly. If there are any issues with poor filtration or water pressure, we will recommend additional testing by a leak detection specialist. We will also check to ensure that the main drain of the pool is up to code.

Your Home Inspector, LLC is the best choice for your NJ pool inspection. We have listened to what our clients have to say. We work for you and you are our number one priority. We don’t work for the realtor or the lender. We look out for your money and your safety. Call us today for your NJ pool inspection or any of your home inspection needs. We service Bergen County, NJ, Northern NJ and Rockland County, NY.