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Superman uses his x-ray vision; your doctor uses X-Ray & MRI and the police use infrared to observe potentially problematic things not visible to the naked eye. It’s why ‘Your Home Inspector LLC’ deploys a ‘FLIR’ Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera in its inspections as a standard practice. Here are some simple examples of why it’s a huge advantage when protecting, or investing in, a home.


Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Home Inspection Examples

To verify airflow in a home through its’ heat registers turn on the heat (or AC) and then check walls and units around the house using an IR camera. Images will determine whether or not everything is working and in order. For instance, when a radiator doesn’t heat up properly or part of it stays cool the IR Camera images will show what a homeowner would otherwise NOT have known about the failed unit.

II. Ceiling or Paint Stains, Testing for Moisture

An infrared camera can also be used to determine whether or not a ceiling stain, and the moisture that caused it, is active. While it is not the definitive test for moisture, logic would have that when a ceiling is proven to be the same temperature then it is unlikely wet or damp.

Insulation can be an obvious use for an infrared camera. When insulation is missing or not installed properly, the use of an IR Camera is going to expose the holes. This also applies to hot spots or ice dams, mouse holes, etc. in attics.

IV. Electrical Issues

Electrical issues can be detected with infrared cameras. A heated wire, maybe frayed, will show heat and while it is not necessarily always a fire hazard better safe than sorry!

Summary: Better Home Inspection With IR Cameras

And these are just some examples of big things your home inspector using an infrared camera might find during a home inspection. If you’re a homeowner, it offers peace of mind to know these kinds of details are being covered when Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras are used.

Your Home Inspector, LLC adds Thermal Camera Inspections to every home inspection!

Contact Your Home Inspector, LLC today to schedule your home inspection appointment. The home inspectors at Your Home Inspector, LLC will help you find and suggest solutions to any issues your home may face. Whether you’re buying, selling, or just checking up on your home, Your Home Inspector, LLC is here to help you!


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