Q: Do I need a Pool or Spa Inspection?

Nj pool Inspection QA Bergen County NJA: Buying a NJ home with a pool is exciting! You can not help imagine the warm summer days, being poolside with friends and family. However, pools and spas have their challenges. They are expensive to maintain and most homeowners don’t know they will need a Pool Inspection. NJ Pool Inspector is your local resource for pool inspection questions and necessities.

Bottom Line: if a house you would like to purchase has a pool, you need a Certified Pool Inspector to acknowledge the pool, equipment, and related surroundings are in good working order. It’s also recommended this be discussed with an attorney and insurance company.

A typical home inspection does not include a pool inspection, in fact, most inspectors disclaim the pool and equipment since they are not certified or insured to inspect pools.

NJ Pool Inspector provides certified swimming pool inspections and will thoroughly inspect and report on the pool, equipment, and related surroundings. This way educated decisions can be made about a purchase, with information on hand about the condition and/or any safety concerns.

Q: What is a Pool Inspection?

A: A pool inspection is much more than checking the pump and water quality.

Just some of the items we look for and inspect:

  • Gates and fencing
  • Ladders, Railings, Diving boards, Slides
  • All pump equipment, motors, filters, heaters, chlorinators, pressure, Main Drains
  • Decking around the pool, coping
  • Pool surface, Liners/plaster, tile borders, skimmers
  • Water chemistry
  • Electrical/bonding/grounding/lighting/receptacles
  • Anything visual pertaining to the pool.

Ask NJ Pool Inspector about getting a swimming pool inspection Today! We work to protect client interests. We work for you, no one else!

Q: Do I Need a Spa Inspection?

A: Yes!

A spa requires inspections just like pools. NJ Pool Inspector offers certified spa inspections to Bergen County NJ.

Q: Why NJ Pool Inspector?

A: NJ Pool Inspector takes pride in providing a detailed Pool Inspection Report, including pictures and recommendations, necessary to make informed decisions. We understand pool ownership has its challenges and with our experience, we will exceed your NJ pool inspection expectations.

We Do Not Rush! There are no time limits on the inspections, it takes as long as it takes to do the inspection. You can ask as many questions during the inspection and after. Our goal is to make sure you understand everything about the pool. We spend time thoroughly evaluating all aspects of the pool. In fact, you are welcome to come along during the inspection. Do not worry, I will explain any questions while on-site so you can understand. And we inspect 7 days a week.

Certified Pool/Spa Inspector #CPI-198759


We do not open/close/maintain swimming pools, We ONLY inspect, therefore there is NO conflict of interest.

There is no winterization, de-winterization, cover removal/installation, digging, or disassembly of any kind. If the Pool/Spa is Not Opened, it can not be fully/properly inspected. PLEASE have all pools to be inspected, Open, Operating, Clean, and Swimmable. If we can’t see it, we will NOT be able to inspect it. This is very important because if the pool is not fully opened the pool inspection will be limited and not accurate.


*Formerly known as NJ Pool Inspector, Your Home Inspector offers these services

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