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Why You Should Hire A NJ Home Inspector When Purchasing A Home

Why You Should Hire A NJ Home Inspector When Purchasing A Home | Your Home Inspector LLC

Why You Should Hire A NJ Home Inspector | Your Home Inspector LLC
Your Home Inspector LLC, your choice for home inspections in New Jersey & New York

You should hire a certified NJ home inspector when purchasing a home, and it is extremely important to understand why. A home inspection is a critical component in a real estate transaction and the home’s inspection can reveal the overall condition and health of a home. This offers the buyer an opportunity to get repairs made, negotiate the contract further, or perhaps walk away from the transaction altogether. Your Bergen County home inspector from Your Home Inspector, LLC will deliver a thorough report to ensure you are making a sound investment with your real estate purchase.


What you should expect from a home inspection.

Your New Jersey home inspector will cover the basics while inspecting the home in question. This will include the foundation, structure, roof, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, windows, doors, attic, and basement, among the items on the checklist. When something is discovered that requires an expert, your inspector will recommend a plan of action. Most of these actions may require a specialist include mold, lead paint, asbestos, radon, and cracks in the foundation.

A home purchase is a big investment and no one likes a surprise when moving in. As such scheduling, an NJ home inspection company is a necessity. Take the time to conduct your due diligence up front to ensure that you understand the condition of the home you are purchasing!

Who should you contact?

Contact our team at Your Home Inspector LLC today to learn more about our Mahwah NJ home inspection company. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to New Jersey home inspections. We will help give you an understanding as to why you should hire an NJ home inspector when purchasing a home.

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Why Commercial Properties Need Inspections

Why Commercial Properties Need Inspections

Why Commercial Properties Need Inspections | Your Home Inspector, LLC
Your Home Inspector LLC, specializing in NJ residential & commercial inspections

The reason commercial properties need inspections is the very same reasoning behind Mahwah NJ residential inspections. Real estate buyers (And sellers!) need to know the condition of a property prior to its purchase. A sound investment requires a great deal of due diligence and investing in commercial real estate is no exception. Your New Jersey home inspector at Your Home Inspector, LLC ensures that the commercial property you are interested in purchasing or selling receives a thorough examination.

While a commercial property inspection is similar to a New Jersey home inspection there are also several differences. Like a home inspection, your inspector will examine the structure, foundation, roof, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. What deviates from the residential home inspection?  Looking at ADA compliance, and fire and life safety issues for starters. Of course, signs of mold, asbestos, and lead paint may require further testing by a specialist.

We Are Qualified In Commercial Property Inspections

Not all residential home inspectors are qualified for commercial property inspections. It is important for your business to understand the condition of an investment property and its’ compliance with codes. Also essential is the hiring of an inspector who will call upon specialists if needed. Commercial Property Inspectors can help you avoid investing in a money pit, or facing a lawsuit when selling.


Learn more about why commercial properties need inspections

Contact our team at Your Home Inspector, LLC today to learn more about Bergen County commercial property inspections. We welcome the opportunity to fill you on what to expect from the process. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to the inspection process, helping you understand why commercial properties need inspections.


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5 Questions You Should Ask Your NJ Home Inspector

5 Questions You Should Ask Your NJ Home Inspector

There are 5 questions you should ask your NJ home inspector prior to a home inspection. Home buyers and sellers should understand the home inspection process as well as what to expect during the inspection. Here are 5 questions to ask your home inspector:

  • How long have you been in the home inspection business and are you licensed?

    Make sure that the home inspection company you choose to work with is experienced and licensed accordingly. Although rare, you may find home inspectors who lack the proper credentials to properly examine your home. So always ask whether they are licensed prior to hiring them!

  • Should I be present for the home inspection?

    The New Jersey home inspector you choose should absolutely allow you to be present during the inspection. This enables you to ask questions, take photos, and have a visual to accompany your written report. Many inspectors encourage tag-a-longs as it gives them an opportunity to no only tell you about your home, but show you any concerning issues.


  • What should I expect from a home inspection?

    This question will help you see what the home inspector plans to do in order to examine your home. Make sure the answer includes an inspection of the structural, roof, HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems, and appliances in the inspection. In addition, make sure a thorough checklist and written report are included.

  • Will you let me know how big each issue is that is uncovered?

    You want to make sure that you know how big (and how little) issues that arise actually are. Most inspections reveal some sort of an issue within a home. In order to properly prioritize, you will need to know how problematic these issues may be or may become.

  • Do you stand by your inspections?

    A New Jersey home inspection company should stand by their work. While everyone makes mistakes, a company that does not stand by its work is not worth hiring. Always check reviews, and speak with people you know before hiring a home inspector.

Learn more about NJ home inspections

Asking the right questions from the team at Your Home Inspector, LLC can help you choose the best Bergen County home inspector to work with. Contact us today to learn more about our Mahwah NJ home inspectors and what you can expect from the process. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to the inspection process and help you get the answers to the 5 questions you should ask your NJ home inspector prior to a home inspection.

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What Do Home Inspectors Look For? What to Expect from a NJ Home Inspection

What Do Home Inspectors Look For? What to Expect from a NJ Home Inspection

NJ home inspections
Your Home Inspector LLC, specializing in NJ home inspections

What do home inspectors look for? What should you expect from a NJ home inspection? These are great and very important questions to get answers to prior to hiring your home inspector. A home inspection contingency is a part of most contracts to purchase real estate. This ensures that the buyers understand the general condition of a home prior to its purchase. Your Home Inspector LLC is the Bergen County home inspection company of choice!

Bergen County home inspectors will examine the structure, roof, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems in a home, among many other aspects of the home. Appliances will be checked to ensure they are in working order. Doors, windows, floors, and walls will be checked for damage. Additionally, the basement and attic will be examined for insulation and waterproofing.

Your New Jersey home inspection will result in a thorough report. The report will demonstrate everything that has been inspected and everything that has been found. You will also be informed if an expert is needed for any issue in your home. Your inspection report will provide you with the overall health of your home, allowing you the opportunity to understand its’ condition.

Learn more about our Mahwah NJ home inspectors today

Contact our team at Your Home Inspector LLC today to learn more about our Mahwah NJ home inspectors and what you can expect from the process. We welcome the opportunity to provide a copy of our checklist while answering all of your home inspection questions, including what do home inspectors look for? and what should you expect from a NJ home inspection?

Spruce Up Your Home For Spring In Just A Weekend

NJ Spring Cleaning Tips

NJ Spring Cleaning Tips | Your Home Inspector NJBelieve it or not, spring is just around the corner…so get busy with things to do around the home that will get you and your home in the ‘spring’ mood…

(BPT) – As the weather gets warmer, everything outside becomes fresh and new – so why not make your home as nice inside as the weather is outside? In just a weekend, you can complete a few quick, easy projects that will make a big difference in your space. Get inspired to give your home a spring spruce-up with these handy NJ Spring cleaning tips.

Wash Away Winter Grime

The first of our NJ Spring cleaning tips is making your house feel like new is to clean. Use a weekend to focus on three main areas: the kitchen, bathroom and living room. In the kitchen, toss expired items from your refrigerator and wipe down the inside with soap and water – don’t forget to sweep underneath and give the coils a good dusting, too. To get the bathroom in shape, replace dingy shower curtain liners, pitch old toothbrushes and other unwanted items and purchase a new toilet brush. In the living room, thoroughly dust light fixtures and blinds, and remove and launder slipcovers on couches or chairs. While you’re at it, don’t forget to replace batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Time To De-Clutter In Ridgefield NJ | NJ Spring Cleaning Tips

Still haven’t eaten that candy from Christmas? It’s time to pitch it. Spend a few hours cleaning out kitchen cabinets, cluttered closets and the junk drawer – you’ll feel more relaxed and organized as a result. Once you’ve gotten rid of items you no longer need, refresh shelves, drawers and pantries throughout the house by installing shelf liner. It’s an easy and inexpensive task that can give any space, whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, a new look in a jiffy. Non-adhesive shelf liners, such as those from Duck brand (, are easy to cut and install. The company’s Smooth Top Easy Liner has a grip bottom, meaning the liner stays in place, with a smooth top, making it easy to clean and wipe off debris. Available in a variety of colors and prints, it’s also a great way to add an unexpected pop of color and personality to your shelves and drawers, providing the perfect mix of fashion and function.

Add Some Accessories To Your NJ Home | NJ Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s amazing what a few accessories can do. To revive a room without spending a fortune, attach some new trim to your existing drapes or add new shades to your favorite lamps. Wall decals or stencils are another way to add a personal touch to a room. Highlight your favorite inspirational quote or try an interesting illustration, such as a floral design or a sophisticated chandelier. Stencils and decals are available at local craft stores in numerous shapes and sizes – some are even offered in wall-size shapes, making the project super simple. You can also bring the season inside with spring flowers in a brightly colored vase or buy a new piece of art to hang as a focal point in your room.

Pull Out Your Paintbrush Color Wheel

If you want to go for a more dramatic redo – but one that’s still doable in a weekend – pick up some paint. The warmer weather means you can keep your windows wide open, making it the ideal time to add a fresh coat of paint to your room. For the simplest touch, paint an accent wall instead of redoing the entire room. Pick a vibrant color for some spring cheer or try tackling a decorative painting technique – such as stripes, zig zag chevron or a geometric print – to really make your room feel modern and stylish. To make painting a breeze, use a premium painter’s tape like FrogTape brand painter’s tape ( Its PaintBlock Technology prevents paint bleed, helping to ensure clean, sharp lines. On fresh paint 24 hours old, select the FrogTape Delicate Surface grade for best results.

To really get in the spring spirit, make painting an excuse to have some fun with friends and family. Take turns helping friends with their painting projects and reward the effort with pizza, ice cream or other treats provided by the host.

Whether you’re going for a dramatic makeover or simply giving your home a good scrubbing, find inspiration in these NJ Spring cleaning tips to help you make the most of your weekend and get your home in superb shape this spring.

And for all your New Jersey Home Inspection needs, be sure to call the professionals at Your Home Inspector NJ – We’ll Help Keep You From Buying The Money Pit! Call Us Today ~ 201-658-8881

Your Home Inspection NJ ~ Henry Scheyer

Henry Scheyer Ridegfield NJ Home Inspector

Henry Scheyer Ridegfield NJ Home InspectorHenry Scheyer Ridegfield NJ Home Inspector, owner and lead inspector for Your Property Inspector NJ, has an incredible passion for the home inspection business.

Henry has been inspecting for clients in the NJ area and his inspections exceed the Standards of Practice of ASHI, (The American Society of Home Inspectors); he’s a licensed NJ Home Inspector as well as a NJ Radon Tech. He does Mold testing, Pool & Spa inspections and WDO inspections. These additional inspections are recommended along with the home inspection.

Henry Scheyer Ridegfield NJ Home Inspector says, “We’ve been working hard for our clients to help keep them from Buying The Money Pit”.

Very few inspectors in the New Jersery area have this kind of experience – experience that we put to work for you at your home inspection. We communicate our findings in plain English to help you better understand the inspection report ~

WE WORK FOR YOU! Not the Realtor, Seller, lender, or anyone else. Most of all, we have a genuine interest in seeing that our Clients are given our clearest and most honest opinions about the conditions of the property they are considering purchasing. We’ll tell you what we see. We’ll talk to you about how important anything might be, and we’ll discuss what your options are.

We are a full-service inspection company, and we are out to perform a great home house 25inspection for YOU!

For the best New Jersery home inspection, people trust the professional home inspectors at Your Home Inspector NJ. Our home inspectors help you avoid making your home purchase your most costly mistake.

Henry Scheyer Ridegfield NJ Home Inspector

Your Home Inspector LLC
Henry A. Scheyer 3rd
Home Inspector License #24GI00115300
891 Banta Place
Ridgefield, New Jersey 07657

Radon Is A Real Issue

Why You Need A NJ Radon Inspection

Why You Need A NJ Radon Inspection | Your Home Inspector LLCYou Need A Radon Test…

Have you heard of Radon? Also known as ‘The Silent Killer’!

January is National Radon Action Month! Get A NJ Radon Inspection today!

Radon gas is a toxic gas that seeps into homes through the home’s foundation. It doesn’t matter if your home is built on a basement, crawlspace or a slab, as this deadly gas can seep in though very tiny cracks in the foundation. And it doesn’t matter if the home is brand new construction or 50 years old! All homes in Ridgefield NJ and everywhere in NJ are at risk.

It’s estimated that Radon Gas kills 24,000 Americans each and every year. As a matter of fact, Radon Gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer, only second to cigarette smoking.

The good news is that Radon Gas can be detected with a simple NJ Radon Inspection, and if the home you’re purchasing has elevated levels of Radon Gas, it can be easily fixed. The key to the issue is Getting A Radon Test. Then you know if the problem exists and if so, to what degree.

Call Us Today 201-658-8881 To Schedule Your Home Inspection with a NJ Radon Test Inpection and Termite Inspection and receive a $45 Discount off the entire Fee. Mention the code ‘NJ Article 2013′ to receive your discount.

Check out the article below, where I was interviewed about the effects of Radon Gas, and learn more about Radon.

Test for Radon

Courtesy of:

You can’t see, smell or taste it, but radon in your home can create big health problems for you and your family. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, radon exposure is the second-leading cause of lung cancer and the leading cause among non-smokers. Between 15,000 and 25,000 deaths nationally are attributed to radon exposure, as many as 250 in New Jersey alone.

To increase awareness of this issue, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has designated January as National Radon Action Month.

“This is nothing to take lightly,” said Henry A. Scheyer III, proprietor of Your Home Inspector LLC, Ridgefield.

Read The Rest Of The Article To Learn More About Radon Gas – Click Here

Check Out – Radon In Your Area

Radon Is Real – Get A Test Today! Your Family’s Health Depends On It!

Call Us Today 201-658-8881 and Schedule Your Home Inspection with a NJ Radon Test and a NJ Termite Inspection and Receive a $45 Discount Off the Total Fees. Be sure to mention NJ Article 2013

Why You Need A NJ Home Inspection

Ridgefield NJ Home Inspection

Why You Need A Ridgefield NJ Home Inspection Home Inspectors are professionals whose job description is to inspect the structure and safety of a home before a client purchases it. In a 2001 survey, there were about 77 % potential home buyers who employed a home inspector to evaluate their potential residence before continuing with any purchase or bargain.


Why is it important to get a NJ home inspection? Is a home inspection something that homeowners and potential home buyers could do on their own?


The advantage of getting a Ridgefield NJ home inspection in that this can either offer you clarity on the home or can give you a good reason to back-out or cancel your contract. Though, home inspectors are not in the position to provide you advise on whether to buy a home, they can offer you a detailed view of the condition of the property.


Even if you are an experienced property owner, you should still get the assistance of a NJ home inspector. They are much better equipped with knowledge and expertise about assessing the framework and condition of the property. For example, if there are water marks in the basement, it could be due to two reasons: water seepage or simply a leak. A home inspector would have the ability to determine these things for the home buyer.


NJ home buyers are becoming really specific on the condition of the house they are buying. Of course, a home is one of the largest financial investments that we will make and there is a lot of cash needed to purchase. Today, home buyers are really keen on choosing a valuable and quality home. Realtors and property buyers depend on the home’s inspection report to come up with a sensible purchase value for the house.


Aside from approximating the value of the property, the NJ home inspection can also help the seller determine any weak areas of their home. Infrastructure problems, when left un-done could develop larger damage, lower the equity price of the property, as well as threaten those who are living in it.


Even minor problems, could possibly influence the home buyer’s decision. Keep in mind that first impressions are everything. Whether it’s the home’s look or framework that should be addressed, having a home inspection would be able to offer the homeowners time to fix the damage and improve its marketability.


Pre-sale home inspection also has other advantages for the homeowner of the house. Aside from weak points in the framework that may need to be improved, it would also help the sellers determine the good features of the home. These property highlights can be taken full advantage of in the marketing of the home, which can be the choosing point for those potential buyers.


Homeowners would also have the ability to avoid any disclosure suit. Disclosure lawsuit begins when the purchaser reports a defect to the homeowner and the seller acknowledges it. After closing the purchase, the reported defect can in fact become a significant problem which can result into claims and thousands of dollars. A seller who gets a home inspector to examine the house, reveals his professional expertise to the seller.


A Ridgefield NJ home inspection would also allow the potential home buyers to become more familiar with the house they are interested in buying. The potential home buyer would have the ability to recognize the location of utility system switches (pump switches, heating and cooling filters) and other signification operations of the home. Purchasers would also get adequate information on maintaining the house and any future maintenance of the home.


Getting a professional NJ home inspection will help discover defects of the home and suggest repairs that would be crucial in the decision making of the sale or closing of the deal. A home inspection will cost you a little bit of time and money, but in the long run, it is well worth the expense. The inspection can reveal problems that you may be able to get the current owners to fix before you move in, saving you time and money. If you are a first-time home buyer, an inspection can give you a crash course in home maintenance and a checklist of items that need attention to make your home as safe and sound as possible.


Don’t Skip The NJ Home Inspection! It is a very important step in the home-buying process – and It’s Worth Every Penny.