Whose Responsibility Are Repairs?

Whose Responsibility Are Repairs to Problems Found During a Home Inspection?


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The question of who pays for repairing damages that are found during a home inspection is a common one. If you are wondering whose responsibility paying for those repairs is, it depends on the initial reason for the inspection. If the house is inspected before purchase, repairs are often part of a negotiation in the price of the house. When the house is newly built and hasn’t been occupied the repairs are up to the builder. Sometimes Your Home Inspector is called upon because the homeowner wants to feel comfortable about the condition of their home. In this case the homeowner herself is responsible for paying for repairs.


Who Pays For the Inspection?


In fact, the question of who pays for the inspection itself is often asked. When you are preparing to sell a house, you want to know what needs repair so that you can present the property in an honest and open way. If you are buying a house, you want to know what needs repair or replacement. In other words both seller and buyer should hire a home inspector, and consequently each would pay for their own report.


Some Sellers Won’t Pay For Repair or Replacement


There are times when the seller of a house refuses to pay for repairs, citing the fact that their price already reflects these needs. The buyer has the option of walking away from a purchase or, if they really want to buy the house, the cost of repairs can be a negotiation strategy in determining the price of the house. In either case, the important thing is to call Your Home Inspector LLC so that the buyer knows the condition of the property.

Buying a home without an inspection can be an expensive mistake!


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