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An NJ Home Inspection Can Help With Protecting Your Home During Winter Months

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An NJ home inspection can help with protecting your home during winter months. While an inspection is not necessary, it can help you understand the condition of your home prior to winter. However, there are also some common seasonal steps you can take to help protect your home and its systems. Whether you hire a Mahwah NJ home inspector or check your home yourself it is important to get your home ready for cold weather!

Winterizing Your Home | Winter Home Tips

Winter obviously means cooler weather. In New Jersey, winter means there will be weeks of consistent freezing temperatures. And freezing temperatures can bring a great deal of damage to your home. One of the most damaging & expensive cold-weather related problems is frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can not only cause extensive damage to your home, but they could potentially cost 5-figure sums to fully repair & replace. The good news is that you can protect your pipes by insulating them. A common misconception is that pipes inside a home cannot freeze due to the heat from within the home. While that’s true in regards to faucets and showerheads, there are internal water lines that are more exposed to the elements than you’d think. In the event of freezing temperatures, these are vulnerable to damage without proper insulation.

The more obvious vulnerabilities of your home lie outside, such as outdoor water spigot. These are often one of the most susceptible to damage. Without proper covers or preparation, water trapped inside of the pipes may freeze causing the pipe to crack. Oftentimes, this pipe is run through the concrete foundation of your home. If it were to crack due to freezing temperatures, it could damage the foundation costing you TONS of money in repairs. While some homes have interior valves to shut off water flow to these outdoor faucets, some do not and require a cover to prevent water from freezing. Make sure all outdoor water piping is covered before winter!

Of course, another way pipes can freeze is if your heating system goes out. An NJ home inspector or an HVAC technician can look at your heating system and ensure that it is in good condition. Making sure your heating system is ready for winter is an important part of preparing your home at this time of year.

Pipes are not the only part of your home that could cause damage during freezing temperatures. During the fall, take the time to clean out your gutters. This can help avoid water build-up which can freeze and add weight or help produce ice dams.

Lastly, a big focus of a New Jersey winter home inspection is the chimney. If you have a fireplace make sure you get your chimney cleaned. Creosote can build up and create a fire hazard. It is essential to have your chimney cleaned and inspected each year.

Why The Fall Is The Best Time To Get Started On Winterization Of Your Home

Doing any kind of work outside is typically unpleasant during the colder months. However, the mild temperatures that fall brings us are perfect for any home repairs! Inspecting your home prior to freezing temperature not only makes it easier on YOU, but also gives you time to get repairs completed before the winter begins! If damage is found on the roof, or within a home that could become catastrophic during the winter, you will have time to find a trusted home repair contractor that fits within your budget instead of rushing to get the first company available!

Learn More About How A Home Inspection Can Save You Money This Winter

Contact our team at Your Home Inspector LLC today to learn more about our Mahwah NJ home inspection company. We welcome the opportunity to explain the typical home inspection process and checklist with you. In addition, we can share knowledge and recommendations for specialized inspections. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide, helping you understand how an NJ home inspection can help with protecting your home during winter months.

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