Why Commercial Properties Need Inspections

Mahwah NJ Commercial Property Inspections

Why Commercial Properties Need Inspections

Why Commercial Properties Need Inspections | Your Home Inspector, LLC
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The reason commercial properties need inspections is the very same reasoning behind Mahwah NJ residential inspections. Real estate buyers (And sellers!) need to know the condition of a property prior to its purchase. A sound investment requires a great deal of due diligence and investing in commercial real estate is no exception. Your New Jersey home inspector at Your Home Inspector, LLC ensures that the commercial property you are interested in purchasing or selling receives a thorough examination.

While a commercial property inspection is similar to a New Jersey home inspection there are also several differences. Like a home inspection, your inspector will examine the structure, foundation, roof, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. What deviates from the residential home inspection?  Looking at ADA compliance, and fire and life safety issues for starters. Of course, signs of mold, asbestos, and lead paint may require further testing by a specialist.

We Are Qualified In Commercial Property Inspections

Not all residential home inspectors are qualified for commercial property inspections. It is important for your business to understand the condition of an investment property and its’ compliance with codes. Also essential is the hiring of an inspector who will call upon specialists if needed. Commercial Property Inspectors can help you avoid investing in a money pit, or facing a lawsuit when selling.


Learn more about why commercial properties need inspections

Contact our team at Your Home Inspector, LLC today to learn more about Bergen County commercial property inspections. We welcome the opportunity to fill you on what to expect from the process. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to the inspection process, helping you understand why commercial properties need inspections.


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