What Kind Of Damage Can A Water Leak Cause In Your Home?

What Kind Of Damage Can A Water Leak Cause In Your Home?

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A water leak, big or small, can add up to a great deal of damage over time. The problem with a small leak is that it can go unnoticed until the damage surfaces. In this event, the water leak damage can already be so great that it is tough (and expensive) to undo. The experienced NJ home inspectors at Your Home Inspector LLC are well versed in looking for signs of water leaks and can help save you a headache if caught in time!

Early Signs Of Water Leak Damage

Early signs of water leak damage can be visible mold or mildew, peeling paint, damp spots, or pooling water. A musty odor or discoloration on walls and ceilings is another sign of water damage. Flooring can be a great hiding space as well. Damp carpet, bubbling linoleum, or swelling floorboards are clear signs that something is going on. Your Bergen County home inspector will know what to look for and how to pinpoint where the potential water damage is coming from.

Types Of Damage Caused By A Water Leak

Mold, rotting wood, buckled floors and even damaged foundations are but a few major issues caused by water leaks. Water leaks can be a result of clogged drains and pipes, leaking pipe joints, burst pipes, from ground water seeping in through the foundation, or from a leaking roof or backed up gutters. When water is leaking, it is often creating damage in hidden places, such as the roof or inside your walls. To the untrained eye, this damage may go unnoticed until it’s too late!

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