Why Should You Hire A Home Inspector?


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It is essential to understand the importance of hiring a Home Inspector when purchasing or selling a home. The inspector is a key figure in the transaction between buyer and seller. An inspection helps to reveal the overall condition of a house. A thorough inspection offers the homeowner the ability to make necessary repairs before putting the house on the market. It also offers the buyer the opportunity to see hidden problems that need fixing or replacement. This becomes a big factor in negotiations between buyer and seller. Your Home Inspector LLC delivers a comprehensive and accurate report to help give you the assurance of making a sound investment in a home. We also can be helpful to a seller by allowing them to institute repairs that will make it possible to get a better price for the house. All of this adds up to the reasons for hiring a Home Inspector.


So What Should You Expect in a Home Inspection?


A Bergen County Home Inspector will cover all the basics while examining the house, and then recommend a plan of action. Home Inspectors don’t make repairs but they do advise on the need for repair and replacement, or when a specialist is required. A home inspector will look at the foundation, structure, roof, plumbing, electrical grid, HVAC, windows, doors, attic and basement, and outdoor areas. He will look for mold, termites, asbestos, radon and other indoor air quality issues. Some of these things may come as a surprise to both seller and buyer – and nobody likes a surprise of this sort.  We’ve outlined the reasons for hiring a home inspector, the rest is up to you.


Call the Experts When Looking For a Home Inspector

Contact the team at Your Home Inspector LLC to learn more about our Bergen County home inspections. Our knowledge and experience can guide you toward making an informed decision in the purchase of a home in New Jersey. Your Home Inspector even offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Call us today for a home inspection. We can be reached at (201) 320-9092.

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