What Is Meant by Indoor Air Quality?

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When referring to Indoor Air Quality or IAQ, we are talking about the quality of the air within and surrounding a home or building. Your Home Inspector LLC offers IAQ inspection for both residential and commercial structures in Bergen County NJ. Most of us spend a lot of time inside our homes, offices or schools. The air we breath can be tainted. Bad air can cause allergies and respiratory issues. YHI tests air quality to confirm that it is clean, or to recommend a solution to polluted indoor air. Listed below are some of the pollutants YHI tests for and why we recommend testing indoor air quality.


Types of Indoor Air Quality Tests



VOC is volatile organic compounds, which are gases formed from certain solids or liquids. VOCs can include chemicals that produce short or long term health problems. VOCs are much more concentrated indoors than outdoors.


MVOCs are volatile organic gases emitted by mold. An air survey measures the levels of mold growing in a building. Indoor areas should be tested for MVOC to determine the amount of actively growing mold in a space.


Formaldehyde is an organic air pollutant made up of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. It is present out of doors, but indoor formaldehyde is usually more concentrated because of its sources and can be the cause of illness.


Particle matter or PM is a mixture of solid and liquid droplets in the air. Some form through chemical reactions in the atmosphere, while others are from a specific source.


Why Call A Home Inspector to test for IAQ?


When you call Your Home Inspector for an inspection, you can expect a complete and expert report from a highly qualified agent. Although we inspect homes for different reasons, Indoor Air Quality is an important aspect of any inspection. The pollutants found during an Indoor Air Quality examination can cause allergies or serious illness. These are usually things you do not know exist in your home, but if members of your family show signs of allergy or respiratory trouble, poor Indoor Air Quality may be the culprit. Allow Your Home Inspector LLC to ascertain the level of tainted air in your home or place of business and work with you to protect the inhabitants from illness. We do not remediate the problem, but we do the testing and  we recommend ways to proceed to clean up the air. Call us today for an evaluation of the quality of your indoor air at (201) 320-9092.


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