How Can You Identify Termites?


Mahwah NJ Termite Inspection ServicesTermites are small ant-like insects that are usually either white or clear-colored. They are not ants, and when spotted should be given earnest consideration. Termites are extremely invasive and can do serious damage to your home. There are three different types of Termites – Dry Wood Termites, Damp Wood Termites, and Subterranean Termites. In New Jersey the most common type found is the Eastern Subterranean Termite. Your Home Adviser has experience in spotting the presence of termites, and advising you in ways to deal with the invasion.


What Kind Of Damage Do Termites Do?


Termites thrive on eating wood. They damage the outside as well as the inside of your house, and the worst is when they damage the foundation. Termites infest all areas of a house that are made of wood. This includes floors, ceilings, roof, support beams, siding, eaves. Your Home Inspector LLC is a Bergen County homeowner’s best defense in examining a home for termites and other wood destroying pests. We carefully inspect your house for termite evidence and recommend a course of action to eliminate them.


Can A Homeowner Prevent Termite Invasion?


The first and best way to keep termites from invading is to take care of your house. Avoid their access through broken or missing roof tiles or siding. Keeping an eye out for these pests includes seeing piles of insect wings, noticing hollow wood, seeing sagging floorboards. Termites create “mud tubes” to keep their environment moist. These are usually found where the outside ground meets the edge of a wall. Termite droppings, or “frass” look like sawdust. If you see what you think is evidence of termites call a home inspector and they will determine the extent of the invasion. Although you probably cannot completely prevent termites from invading, you can keep your house in the best possible condition, especially its wood construction.


Yearly Termite Inspection Is Advised


Your Home Inspector is knowledgeable and experienced in the detection of termites and the damage they can cause. We focus on helping NJ homeowners find a solution for any termite invasion. It is our hope that we can keep our clients from having the cost of a pest-control service, as well as the cost of repairing damaged areas. We recommend a yearly termite inspection. For a reliable termite inspection in Bergen County and the surrounding area call us for an appointment at (201) 320-9092.

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