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Do I Need A Pool Inspection? | NJ Pool Inspections

Do I Need A Pool Inspection? | Bergen County | Your Home Inspector, LLC
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Buying a home In New Jersey with a pool can be an exciting moment. You may think of all the beautiful summer days and sitting poolside with the family. A pool is often a great addition to a home because of this. However, pools are notoriously expensive to maintain, and often times home buyers don’t know if they should have a pool inspection done. If there is a swimming pool in a house you plan to purchase, you want to make sure that it is in good working condition. A typical home inspector is not obligated to inspect a pool. However, in some cases a home inspector will include a very limited inspection of the pool, in others, a specialist will be recommended. Your Home Inspector LLC is your Mahwah Home Inspection company of choice to ensure that your swimming pool gets inspected correctly & thoroughly!

What Is A Pool Inspection?

A pool inspection covers a lot of ground. It is much more than checking pump equipment, lining, and water condition. One of the most dangerous issues a pool can have is a slow leak. You may not see the signs, but leaking pool water can seriously damage core structural parts of the pool, as well as the ground around it. A leaking inground pool can shift the ground below the concrete, eventually causing cracks, dips and may need a full replacement. A leaking above-ground pool can potentially rust the frame of the pool, rot the surrounding decking and even wash away the foundation of the pool.  Since pools are typically not easy to maintain or install, home buyers need to know the complete condition of the pool on their property.  A certified pool inspector will thoroughly check every aspect of your pool and surrounding property to ensure you will not run into future costs or liabilities.

What Does A Pool Inspector Check?

  • Gates & Fencing
  • Pool signage
  • Ladders, Diving Boards, Deck or Surrounding concrete
  • Pool Pump, Piping, Access to Pool Components
  • Chemical Management
  • Component condition; Lining, Structural Parts, Foundation
  • Water Condition
  • & More

While there may not be a law in place that demands a pool inspection, it’s likely that your lender will request a pool inspection for your new home. Do your homework and make sure that you know the condition of a pool prior to closing. The last thing you’d want is a disruption to your enjoyment of the swimming pool this summer! Your Bergen County pool inspector at Your Home Inspector LLC will ensure that you received the swimming pool inspection you want and deserve.

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