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What Is Radon? Why Should You Have Your Home Checked For It?

What Is Radon? Should You Have Your Home Checked For It? | Bergen County Home Inspector

What Is Radon? Why Should You Have Your Home Checked For It? | Bergen County Home Inspector
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What is Radon? This very important question to find the answer to if you’ve just bought, or are looking to buy a home. Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas that can be found in homes around the world. You cannot see, smell or taste radon, but it could be a problem plaguing where you reside. It is estimated that 1 in every 15 homes in the United States has Radon, and results in 21,000 lung-cancer deaths every year. Unfortunately, Radon is prevalent in New Jersey along with most of the northern states.

The EPA has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today. If you smoke and your home has high radon levels, you’re at abnormally high risk for developing lung cancer. Radon is present all over New Jersey which means that homeowners all over the state are at risk of exposure. NJ Radon testing services provided by Your Home Inspector LLC is a recommended measure to ensure your home is safe and healthy for your family.

Should you have your home tested for Radon?

The answer is “Yes”. Most home buyers will include radon on the NJ home inspection list, but some first-time buyers may be unaware. If your home is not tested for radon you may not notice the gas until it is too late. Since, as stated above, Radon is odorless, colorless and tasteless, you will not be able to notice the gas without a professional’s assistance. An experienced Bergen County home inspector will make sure your home is safe by testing for the Radon gas in every corner of your home.

A Radon test performed by the licensed professionals at Your Home Inspector LLC will deliver an accurate reading of its presence. If results are positive our team will explain what the existence of Radon means. We will also be happy to recommend a reputable mitigation company. The good news is that the gas can be easily mitigated!

Learn more about Mahwah NJ Radon testing

Contact our team at Your Home Inspector LLC today to learn more about our Mahwah NJ Radon testing services. We welcome the opportunity to help you understand what to expect from the home inspection process as well as more about Radon. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to New Jersey home inspections. We will help you get answers to your questions: What is Radon? and Why should you have your home checked for it?

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Most Expensive Repairs

5 Most Expensive Home Repairs to Look Out For | NJ Home Inspectors

NJhome inspections
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NJ home inspectors have seen it all and as a result, know what the 5 most expensive home repairs to look out for are. Of course, when it comes to a home there are far more than five expensive repairs that can occur. But, some issues are more common than others. A Bergen County home inspection can save a home buyer tens of thousands of dollars through a thorough exam of a home.

Five of The Most Expensive Home Repairs Include:

  • Foundation

    The average price to repair a home’s foundation can range anywhere $500 to $15,000 depending on the damage. Foundations imperfections can cause serious structural issues. Simple cracks from settling or weather can be filled and repaired for a small amount. However if the cracking is due to a sinking foundation, you’re in for a more expensive fix. Issues with a home’s foundation can dramatically decrease the value of your home regardless of the cost to fix

  • Roof replacement

    The cost of roof damage depends on the severity. In most cases, simple roof repairs may be needed. These range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to nearly $5,000. If the damage to a home’s roof is severe enough, a new roof installation may be needed. A new roof can cost you up to almost $30,000!

  • Fixing a broken water or sewer line

    A broken water or sewer line can be more than just frustrating. It can cost you thousands of dollars to fix. Because most of the water lines & sewer lines are underground, any repair requires excavating. Cost for water or sewer line repair ultimately depends on where the damage lies. If the damaged part of the line is deep below your driveway you’re looking at a $3,000 bill.

  • Siding replacement

    As a home age, so does the siding. Luckily, most homes are now covered in vinyl siding which is much more durable than the cedar siding that was used in the past. However, regardless of the material – over time, you’ll need to replace or repair your siding. Repair can cost a few hundred dollars to $2,000 while a full replacement can cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000.

  • HVAC replacement

    Heating and cooling systems are often overlooked when purchasing a house. However, these can be one of the most expensive pieces of your home to replace or repair. An A/C unit can cost anywhere between $2,000 & $5,000 not including labor cost. Repairs to the system can cost you up to $2,000

One of the biggest culprits for damage to a home can be water. Water damage over time can attack a foundation, siding, and the roof among other things. In addition, a damaged foundation, settling of a home, or overgrown tree roots can affect the integrity of water and sewer lines for a home. Sometimes, however, time is the culprit, especially with HVAC systems. Regardless of the catalyst for the damage the fact is that any of the aforementioned issues can cost a lot.

A New Jersey Home Inspector Knows What To Look For

A New Jersey home inspector knows what to look for when examining a home. Sometimes the signs are glaring and other times they are more subtle. The important thing is that the signs of damage are caught before purchasing a home. This is where experience and knowledge come into play. When the signs are present, a Bergen County home inspector will suggest a further investigation by a specialist to ensure that a buyer and/or a seller understand the gravity of the issue at hand.

Understanding the health and condition of a home is an essential part of home ownership and having the expertise of an experienced and knowledgeable NJ home inspector is critical. While these are the top 5 expensive home repairs that come to mind they are certainly not the only expensive repairs that may be needed. Purchasing a home is a huge investment and avoiding expensive repairs is at the top of most home buyers’ minds.

Learn More About How An NJ Home Inspection Can Save You Thousands!

Contact our team at Your Home Inspector LLC today to learn more about our Mahwah NJ home inspection company. We welcome the opportunity to fill you in on the home inspection process while sharing our checklist with you. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to the home inspection process, answering all of your questions including what the 5 most expensive home repairs to look out for are.

What Kind Of Damage Can A Water Leak Cause In Your Home?

What Kind Of Damage Can A Water Leak Cause In Your Home?

NJ water leak damage
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A water leak, big or small, can add up to a great deal of damage over time. The problem with a small leak is that it can go unnoticed until the damage surfaces. In this event, the water leak damage can already be so great that it is tough (and expensive) to undo. The experienced NJ home inspectors at Your Home Inspector LLC are well versed in looking for signs of water leaks and can help save you a headache if caught in time!

Early Signs Of Water Leak Damage

Early signs of water leak damage can be visible mold or mildew, peeling paint, damp spots, or pooling water. A musty odor or discoloration on walls and ceilings is another sign of water damage. Flooring can be a great hiding space as well. Damp carpet, bubbling linoleum, or swelling floorboards are clear signs that something is going on. Your Bergen County home inspector will know what to look for and how to pinpoint where the potential water damage is coming from.

Types Of Damage Caused By A Water Leak

Mold, rotting wood, buckled floors and even damaged foundations are but a few major issues caused by water leaks. Water leaks can be a result of clogged drains and pipes, leaking pipe joints, burst pipes, from ground water seeping in through the foundation, or from a leaking roof or backed up gutters. When