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home inspector mahwah njWhat should you do if your home inspection turns up negative results? A full inspection of a house is necessary whether you are buying or selling. This will help you decide whether buying the house is worth the price, or as a seller, if you need to make repairs. You don’t want to learn that the house you wish to sell has major problems. A thorough inspection by Your Home Inspector, LLC can save you from spending thousands of dollars on unexpected repairs, just as you’re about to close the sale. Likewise, an inspection can save a buyer money on the price of a house.


Home Inspection Failure – Buyer


When you are considering the purchase of a house, your contract usually calls for a home inspection. The loan officer usually mandates this inspection. If the inspector turns in negative results, you have a few options.

1. Try to negotiate the price

Talk to the seller, they may be amenable to a price reduction to cover the cost of repairs.

2. Ask the seller to make repairs before closing

Instead of calling off the sale or allowing yourself to get upset, ask the seller to make necessary
repairs. Preferably this work would be done by a reputable contractor that you both agree on.

3. Call off the sale!

There are some reasons that may make the decision to terminate a sale contract possible.  If an inspection turns up needed repairs, and those repairs were not mentioned in the original contract, it shouldn’t be a problem to “tear up” the contract.

4. Talk to your Realtor

If you have your heart set on buying this house, talking with your realtor can help you to decide how to
proceed. Realtors have dealt with this problem before and can best advise you on a course of action.


Home Inspection Failure – Seller


1. Make repairs before selling

If your home inspector turns in a bad report, you should consider investing in needed repairs before
putting your house on the market. The house doesn’t have to be in perfect order, but some repairs are
so glaring that they can’t be overlooked. This investment will make your house more saleable. Such
issues have to be declared to the buyer anyway and dealing with them prior to selling may result in a
higher asking price.

2. If you don’t want to, or can’t afford to make some repairs before selling, be sure to declare these
issues with a prospective buyer. This transparency will make them more willing to work with you, and
you will both end up happier.

Whether you are selling or buying a house, a thorough and professional home inspection is necessary. Sellers should have an inspection to find major repair issues that they can alleviate before listing. Buyers should have a house they want to buy inspected to ensure that the price is realistic relative to the condition of the house.


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