5 Questions You Should Ask Your NJ Home Inspector

5 Questions You Should Ask Your NJ Home Inspector

There are 5 questions you should ask your NJ home inspector prior to a home inspection. Home buyers and sellers should understand the home inspection process as well as what to expect during the inspection. Here are 5 questions to ask your home inspector:

  • How long have you been in the home inspection business and are you licensed?

    Make sure that the home inspection company you choose to work with is experienced and licensed accordingly. Although rare, you may find home inspectors who lack the proper credentials to properly examine your home. So always ask whether they are licensed prior to hiring them!

  • Should I be present for the home inspection?

    The New Jersey home inspector you choose should absolutely allow you to be present during the inspection. This enables you to ask questions, take photos, and have a visual to accompany your written report. Many inspectors encourage tag-a-longs as it gives them an opportunity to no only tell you about your home, but show you any concerning issues.


  • What should I expect from a home inspection?

    This question will help you see what the home inspector plans to do in order to examine your home. Make sure the answer includes an inspection of the structural, roof, HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems, and appliances in the inspection. In addition, make sure a thorough checklist and written report are included.

  • Will you let me know how big each issue is that is uncovered?

    You want to make sure that you know how big (and how little) issues that arise actually are. Most inspections reveal some sort of an issue within a home. In order to properly prioritize, you will need to know how problematic these issues may be or may become.

  • Do you stand by your inspections?

    A New Jersey home inspection company should stand by their work. While everyone makes mistakes, a company that does not stand by its work is not worth hiring. Always check reviews, and speak with people you know before hiring a home inspector.

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