When Is A Good Time To Hire A Home Inspector?

When Should You Hire A Home Inspector? | Your Home Inspector Bergen County NJ


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Home Inspections are necessary for a number of reasons. Your Home Inspector LLC is always ready to inspect homes and inform the owners of problems, necessary repairs, or if everything is in good shape. The following are a few reasons why you might need an examination
of your house.  Right now is a good time to hire a home inspector.

Inspection Before Buying

Home Inspections are necessary when you are considering the purchase of a house.
An inspection is usually part of the contract. It is a contingency that allows
you to know the condition of the house, inside and out, and therefore make
a more informed decsion. The inspection gives you the information needed to negotiate
the best price for the house.


Inspection Before Selling


Having your home inspected before selling is known as a Pre-Sale Home Inspection. This can allow you to prepare your home prior to putting it on the market for sale. A
full examination of the condition of your house gives you the necessary preparatory
tools to put it in the best state possible. This in turn will help you realize the
best price for your house when selling. If you are not in a position to make needed repairs, knowing about the issues can be a negotiating point.


Home Inspections Are Not Just For Buying or Selling

Some home owners like to hire a home inspector to check on the condition of their house.
This gives the homeowner a heads-up regarding any problems that might become major issues in the upkeep of their house. These inspections allow for peace of mind of the homeowner.



Any Time Is A Good Time to Hire a Home Inspector

In answer to the question of when is a good time to hire a home inspector – ANY time
is a good time. Get in touch with Your Home Inspector LLC today to schedule a Bergen County NJ Home Inspection. We welcome the opportunity to share our checklist with you to help you learn about the process involved. Our experienced inspectors will help you gain better knowledge of the condition of your home. We also offer radon testing, termite inspections, pool and spa inspections, mold inspections, and indoor air quality testing (IAQ).

Call us at (201) 320-9092, we are open 7 days a week, 8:00am until 10:00 pm.


What Are The Most Expensive Repairs To Your Home?


As Home Inspectors, we have been exposed to the problems that adversely affect a house. Some of these issues are very expensive to fix. We’d like to make you aware of the worst of these home repairs. Your Home Inspector can save you thousands of dollars through a comprehensive examination of your home. Although there are numerous expensive repairs that may need attention, the following are among the worst.


5 Most Expensive Home Repairs




Problems with the foundation of your home can cost from $500 to $15,000 or more. This of course depends on the extent of the damage. Cracks caused be settling or extreme weather can be filled and repaired fairly inexpensively. If the foundation is sinking, you’re looking at a much more costly repair. This kind of issue will also decrease the value of your home.




A simple roof repair is relatively easy to remedy and usually not too expensive. A total replacement is a different story altogether. Depending upon the type of roof you have, the cost can exceed $30,000. Keep your eye on that roof, and call an inspector if trouble should appear. A Bergen County Home Inspector may be able to save you money by recommending a repair before the situation becomes too extreme.




Besides causing major problems with sinks, showers and bathtubs a broken water line can be very costly. Most water and sewer lines are underground and repairs require digging and excavating. The cost for this kind of repair depends on where the damage is located. Deep underground location of damage can cost thousands of dollars. Again, a Home Inspector can find these problems and recommend a solution.




If your home is covered with siding of any type it ages along with the house. Regardless of the material your house is covered with – over time it will need repair or replacement. While repairs can be inexpensive, a total replacement can exceed $15,000.




Very often heating or air conditioning systems are overlooked when you are buying a house. Although getting a new and more efficient heating or air conditioning system may save you money in the long run, the replacement costs can be staggering.


So, being aware that these are among the large problems that can occur, keep in mind that vigilance is a good defense. Water is among the worst culprits as far as undermining your home. Water and weather can attack a foundation and siding. Overgrown trees and shrubs can cause damage, and the roots can affect water and sewer lines. Water pipes can freeze in winter and burst causing floods. The age of the house is of course an overriding issue. Whatever the problem, repairs and replacement can be very costly.




Your Home Inspector LLC knows what to look for when inspecting a house. The signs may be obvious and sometimes much more hidden. The important thing is to catch the signs before they become a major expensive issue. When purchasing a home, the experience and knowledge of a Bergen County Home Inspector are important. A home inspector may recommend further inspection by an expert, or they might recommend a repair specialist. Home Inspectors don’t make the repairs themselves, they only inspect. That eliminates any conflict of interest between inspection and repair.




Contact Your Home Inspector LLC today to learn what our Mahwah NJ inspection team can do to save you money on repairs or replacement. Allow our experience be your guide to the home inspection process by answering your questions. We use up-to-date methods and technology to inspect every Bergen County home.  Purchasing a home should not be a daunting experience, and we can help set your mind at ease during the process.  Call us today to schedule a complete inspection of your premises at (201) 320-9092.