I Found A Crack In My Foundation, Should I Be Worried?

I Found A Crack In My Foundation, Should I Be Worried?

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Finding a crack in your foundation can certainly induce a panic attack. Thoughts of sinkholes, settling, and water seeping in are but a few of the first thoughts that might pass through a homeowner’s mind. From there you might envision further issues like doors not shutting properly and windows no longer working well. Before you panic, however, the first crack you see might be completely insignificant. Take the time to hire an NJ home inspector and get some peace of mind.

When a New Jersey home inspection occurs you will either be assured that your home is fine or be made aware of issues that need to be addressed. In some cases, a specialist will be invited to examine the damage, such as a structural engineer.

Cracks Should Always Be Inspected

The important thing to remember is that if you find a crack in your foundation you should call a Bergen County Home Inspection company. Of course, if all you are seeing is a surface scar or imperfection that is another story. A crack should appear to have depth and width for you to be concerned. However, remember that concern does not equate to panic!

Schedule An NJ Home Inspection

Contact our team at Your Home Inspector, LLC today to schedule a Mahwah NJ home inspection today. We welcome the opportunity to answer all of your questions while sharing a typical checklist with you. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to the NJ home inspection process and help you understand more about a crack in your home’s foundation or the general condition of your home.