Should I Be Concerned About A Crack In My Foundation?


home inspector bergen county njLocating a crack in your home’s foundation certainly can cause panic. You think of the house settling, water seeping in and possibly even sinkholes. You might even envision doors not fitting properly and windows off kilter. Before panic sets in, call a certified NJ Home Inspector. Your Home Inspector LLC is a certified, experienced inspection service that will try to put your worst fears to rest. An examination of the crack and in fact everything else in your house will reveal the severity of any problems. That crack may not be anything to worry about. If it is we will discuss it with you and recommend the best course of action to fix it.  If you find yourself asking “Should a crack in my home’s foundation worry me?” call us and find out.


Always Have Cracks Investigated


While a crack in your foundation may be insignificant, you should always have an inspection to know for sure. Your Home Inspector will come and look over your Bergen County home and if there are serious issues to be dealt with we will inform you. If there is nothing that needs attention we’ll let you know about that as well. We don’t make repairs, we only inspect and then recommend necessary work. This eliminates any conflict of interest between inspection and repair.  We are here to answer questions such as “Should A Crack In My Home’s Foundation Worry Me?”.


Schedule a Home Inspection Today!


Your Home Inspector always welcomes the opportunity to answer your concerns and share our Inspection Checklist. Allow us to use our knowledge and experience to be your guide to the NJ Home Inspection process. We will help you understand more about the crack in your foundation or any other issues you may be worried about. To schedule an inspection of your home we can be reached at (201) 320-9092.


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