What Does A Home Inspector Look For?


Mahwah NJ Home Inspection ServicesWhen you hire a home inspector prior to buying or selling a home there is usually a checklist of areas to be inspected. A professional home inspector will examine the overall structure of the house, including foundation, roof, siding, flooring, windows and doors. Electrical connections are looked at, including outlets, switches, fixtures and appliances. Another area of inspection would be plumbing, including pipes, drains, water pressure, faucets and toilets. Heating and air-conditioning are also inspected. All of these things are included in the report provided to you. Your Home Inspector LLC is happy to share our checklist with homeowners and discuss problems discovered by a home inspection at their house.


Some Typical Problems Uncovered


A few examples of issues discovered in a home inspection include:

  • Cracked foundation
  • Roof problems, tiles or shingles missing
  • Faulty or frayed electrical wiring
  • Puddling water in the basement
  • Mold and mildew in the basement
  • Poor water pressure
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Clogged drains
  • Swollen doors or windows that no longer open or close properly

These are just a few problems found during home inspections and some of them can be resolved with a simple repair or replacement. Foundation or roof issues may be serious. These can be costly and you need to be aware of them in order to decide how to deal with them. Your Home Inspector inspects homes, we do not do repair work. We do recommend repair or replacement when we consider it necessary.


An Inspection Uncovers Problems


Your Home Inspector LLC inspects homes all over Bergen County NJ and surrounding areas. We are fully certified and experienced in the discovery of house problems. Our inspectors are very thorough and everything we discover goes into our inspection report. We want this report to be a guide in your home buying decision, or in fixing things that need repair before selling. We guarantee satisfaction with our services. If you are in need of a home inspection in the Mahwah vicinity, give us a call at (201) 320-9092 for an appointment.

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