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Who Pays For Repairs After A NJ Home Inspection?

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Are you curious about who pays for repairs after an NJ home inspection? The answer is dependent upon the reason for a home inspection. When the inspection is taking place as part of a home purchase agreement then the repairs oftentimes make the price negotiable. If the inspection is taking place with a new home then the repairs should be made by the contractor. Occasionally the Mahwah NJ home inspector is conducting an inspection simply because a homeowner wants to know the health and condition of a home.  In this case, the homeowner is responsible for paying for the repairs.

Home Inspection Contingency

A New Jersey home inspection that is taking place per a contingency in a contract to purchase a home will come up with a list of issues. It is impossible for a home not to have some sort of issues. As a result, there will be repairs that need to be made, most of which will be small. However, small repairs can add up and large repairs can be daunting, specially for new home buyers. Paying for these repairs can make or break a real estate transaction.

Most home buyers expect a seller to take care of repairs after a home inspection. The reality is often not so simple. When major repairs or an expensive list of repairs appears as the result of a Bergen County home inspection, negotiations will take place. Most buyers will request for repairs to be made or for cash to be available at closing to take care of repairs.

What Happens If A Seller Won’t Pay For Home Repairs?

If a seller refuses to cover repairs that result from a home inspection there are some options. The buyer can walk away from the real estate contract. If the buyer really wants the house, he/she can move forward knowing that they will have to cover the repair costs. Or the buyer can negotiate the price and the repair costs could be shared through discounting the home’s asking price. The important thing is to have an NJ home inspector to ensure that you, the buyer, understand the exact condition of a home BEFORE you purchase as buying a home without an inspection can be a costly mistake!

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