Indoor Air Quality Testing In The Home

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing


What Does Indoor Air Quality Mean?



Indoor Air Quality Inspections Bergen County NJIndoor air quality (IAQ) is the quality of the air within and surrounding buildings and structures. This means either residential or commercial structures. We are mainly focused on residential air quality in this discussion. Your Home Inspector LLC offers Indoor Air Quality inspections for the homes of our Bergen County NJ clients.

What Causes Poor IAQ in Your Home?


IAQ can be affected by various factors. It can be influenced by gases
such as carbon monoxide or radon. It can also be caused by mold or
bacteria. Cigarette, cigar or pipe smoking, which all can
produce secondhand tobacco smoke affect indoor air quality. Indoor
fires in a fireplace can also affect the quality of the air around you
in your home. Lack of proper ventilation produces carbon dioxide which
can give you headaches and make you function at a lower activity level.


How Does Poor Indoor Air Quality Affect You?


If the quality of the air in your home causes you to suffer fatigue,
headaches, stuffy nose, symptoms similar to the flu, or eye, skin, nose
and throat irritation – you need to have an inspection. Carpets and
furniture can emit chemicals. The presence of mold, which can be
brought on by an over abundance of moisture in the air, is another way
the atmosphere in your home can make you sick. If the air is too dry it
can cause skin irritation or rashes.


What Can You Do To Improve Indoor Air Quality?


Your Home Inspector tests for any and all indoor pollutants and will
advise on what you can do to improve your Indoor Air Quality. Proper
ventilation is something you can do on your own. The presence of mold,
carbon monoxide, radon, or other contaminants need to be tested for by
a licensed home inspector.


Protect Your Family from poor IAQ


If you suspect the quality of the air in your home may not be acceptable,
call Your Home Inspector LLC for an expert evaluation of the IAQ in your
residence. We will do a full inspection, and then advise you on what you
need to do to improve the quality of the air you breathe. You and your
family will enjoy a safer, healthier environment.

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