Who Is Responsible For NJ Home Inspections? Buyers or Sellers?

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Who Is Responsible For NJ Home Inspections? Buyers or Sellers?


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Who is responsible for NJ home inspections? Buyers or sellers? Good question. First of all, there is no requirement for a home inspection. Some homeowners like to have routine NJ home inspections to keep their homes in good condition. Likewise, some sellers like to have a pre-listing inspection to take care of issues prior to listing. Buyers, on the other hand, will have a home inspection as a contingency in a home purchase contract.

A buyer should always have a home inspection as part of a contract to purchase real estate. This contingency protects buyers, ensuring that they know the condition of a home. The cost may be negotiated and shared between the buyer and seller. However, it is the buyer’s responsibility to put the home inspection contingency in the contract.

A seller does not have to have a home inspection. In fact, many sellers list a home in as-is condition. The reality is, however, that a home inspection can save a seller from unexpected issues during the selling process. A pre-purchase NJ home inspection can reveal issues with a home, including large and small issues.

Every NJ Home Inspection Will Reveal Issues

The important thing to remember is that every home inspection will reveal issues. However, not all issues are big issues. If you have faulty plumbing, a crack in your foundation, or a leaky roof you will want to know so that repairs can be made prior to listing. Furthermore, if you are not making repairs you want to be aware of big issues so that you can credit a buyer if you choose. Big issues could result in a real estate transaction falling apart costing both the seller and buyer time and money.

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