A Home Inspection Saves You From a Costly Mistake


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You want to buy a house. Whether it is a new home, a second home, an investment property, or you just want to move to a different neighborhood – you need to have that house inspected! All houses have issues, but it’s the unseen, expensive ones that you want to watch out for. These serious problems can turn your investment into a costly mistake. Your Home Inspector will give you a full professional assessment of a property’s negatives so that you will end up avoiding a “money pit”.


Finding the hidden problems


Most sellers will put their house in the best possible condition to make it appealing. It’s the unseen, unknown underlying problems that make a house a bad buy. This is where a home inspector can really earn his fee. Major components such as foundation, roofing, plumbing and electrical systems are all included in an inspector’s checklist. A full examination of these and other more minor concerns are included in an inspection, revealing the problems and the extent of the problems. Our inspectors also look for termites, mold, radon, and we examine the indoor air quality of a home.  


A home inspection is an essential part of the home purchase process. When you understand the condition of a house you wish to purchase, you will avoid surprises. Sometimes a serious problem may exceed the expertise of a home inspector. He will then recommend an industry specialist to assess the problem. For example, a serious roof problem would require the expertise of a roofer.


Learn About Bergen County Inspections and avoiding a “money pit”


Call our team at Your Home Inspector LLC today to learn more about our home inspection process. We welcome your questions, and will share our checklist with you. Our knowledge and expertise can make the whole home buying experience much more pleasant and painless.  Your Home Inspector wants you to be satisfied with your new home by avoiding a “money pit”.

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