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What Should You Do If You Get Bad Home Inspections Results?

Failed Home Inspection? Here’s What You Should Do!

Failed Home Inspection? NJ Home Inspectors Your Home Inspection


Home inspections are necessary when both buying or selling a home. These inspections help you decide whether the home is worth the price you’re planning to purchase for, or if you need to prepare for a fix prior to closing. A proper home inspection will give you a large examination of the condition of the house as well as the condition of aspects of the house that are typical to fail. The last thing you want to hear after a home inspection, whether you’re buying or selling, is “there are some major problems with this house.” However, this home inspection can save you from headaches and spending THOUSANDS of dollars.


Failed Home Inspection For The Buyer

Typically, when buying a home, there is a contingency in your purchase contract requiring a home inspection. Oftentimes this is mandated by the loan officer. If your home inspection comes back with bad results, you have a couple of choices.

  1. Negotiate The Purchase Price
    Speak with the seller. They may be willing to reduce the cost of the home to cover the repairs
  2. Request The Seller To Make The Repairs Before Closing
    To save yourself time & stress, you can request that the homeowner performs all repairs prior to closing by a reputable contractor
  3. Terminate Your Contract
    It is suprisingly easy to terminate a contract following a home inspection with negative results. Especially when those faults were not made apparent in the original contract.
  4. Speak With Your Realtor
    Your realtor will have the best advice for you on how to move forward with the sale. Whether you want to terminate the contract or request that the repairs be made, your realtor is the one to help you through that process!

Failed Home Inspection For The Seller

When selling a home, you hold responsibility for declaring any major issues and making sure that the buyer is fully aware of the condition of the home. This doesn’t mean that every home must be in perfect condition, but the contract has to be clear on what problems are present.

  1. Invest In Repairs PRIOR To Selling
    Some repairs may actually have a positive return on investment when selling. It is easier to get the full asking price when a home is in immaculate condition than it is to sell with repairs needed.
  2. Be Transparent With Your Buyer!
    If there are any issues with the home you are selling that you do not wish to fix prior to selling, or do not have time to fix, let your buyer know. They will more than likely be willing to work with you to ensure that both the buyer and seller are happy with the deal!

Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable New Jersey home inspector is a very important part of the buying and selling process. Neither a buyer nor a seller wants to be caught off guard which is why many times a seller will conduct a pre-listing home inspection to avoid a surprise. In this instance, a seller can be made aware of costly repairs that will need to be made. In this case, a seller might have the repairs completed. If he doesn’t then he will have to reveal the necessary repairs and sell a home as-is. The important thing to remember is that a home seller must reveal any known issues with a home.

Every Real Estate Contract Should Include A Home Inspection Contingency

Every contract to purchase a home should include an inspection contingency. This contingency protects a buyer from walking into a money pit. When the home inspector conducts the inspection, a checklist will be delivered to the buyer detailing any current and potential issues they may face. It is critical to note that just about every inspection will reveal issues. Even new homes have problems. Not all issues are big, however.

When an NJ home inspection delivers bad results, the buyer has a choice. He can try to negotiate further with the seller. Often a seller will have the repairs made prior to closing or take the money for the repairs off the negotiated price for the home. In the case where the seller refuses to make repairs, the buyer may walk away from the deal. The home inspection contingency protects the buyer and offers him a way out of the home purchase in the event of an undeclared issue

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Contact our team at Your Home Inspector LLC today to learn more about our Mahwah NJ home inspection company. We welcome the opportunity to explain the home inspection process while sharing a copy of our checklist. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to the home inspection process, answering all of your questions including what to do if you get bad NJ home inspection results.

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Most Expensive Repairs

5 Most Expensive Home Repairs to Look Out For | NJ Home Inspectors

NJhome inspections
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NJ home inspectors have seen it all and as a result, know what the 5 most expensive home repairs to look out for are. Of course, when it comes to a home there are far more than five expensive repairs that can occur. But, some issues are more common than others. A Bergen County home inspection can save a home buyer tens of thousands of dollars through a thorough exam of a home.

Five of The Most Expensive Home Repairs Include:

  • Foundation

    The average price to repair a home’s foundation can range anywhere $500 to $15,000 depending on the damage. Foundations imperfections can cause serious structural issues. Simple cracks from settling or weather can be filled and repaired for a small amount. However if the cracking is due to a sinking foundation, you’re in for a more expensive fix. Issues with a home’s foundation can dramatically decrease the value of your home regardless of the cost to fix

  • Roof replacement

    The cost of roof damage depends on the severity. In most cases, simple roof repairs may be needed. These range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to nearly $5,000. If the damage to a home’s roof is severe enough, a new roof installation may be needed. A new roof can cost you up to almost $30,000!

  • Fixing a broken water or sewer line

    A broken water or sewer line can be more than just frustrating. It can cost you thousands of dollars to fix. Because most of the water lines & sewer lines are underground, any repair requires excavating. Cost for water or sewer line repair ultimately depends on where the damage lies. If the damaged part of the line is deep below your driveway you’re looking at a $3,000 bill.

  • Siding replacement

    As a home age, so does the siding. Luckily, most homes are now covered in vinyl siding which is much more durable than the cedar siding that was used in the past. However, regardless of the material – over time, you’ll need to replace or repair your siding. Repair can cost a few hundred dollars to $2,000 while a full replacement can cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000.

  • HVAC replacement

    Heating and cooling systems are often overlooked when purchasing a house. However, these can be one of the most expensive pieces of your home to replace or repair. An A/C unit can cost anywhere between $2,000 & $5,000 not including labor cost. Repairs to the system can cost you up to $2,000

One of the biggest culprits for damage to a home can be water. Water damage over time can attack a foundation, siding, and the roof among other things. In addition, a damaged foundation, settling of a home, or overgrown tree roots can affect the integrity of water and sewer lines for a home. Sometimes, however, time is the culprit, especially with HVAC systems. Regardless of the catalyst for the damage the fact is that any of the aforementioned issues can cost a lot.

A New Jersey Home Inspector Knows What To Look For

A New Jersey home inspector knows what to look for when examining a home. Sometimes the signs are glaring and other times they are more subtle. The important thing is that the signs of damage are caught before purchasing a home. This is where experience and knowledge come into play. When the signs are present, a Bergen County home inspector will suggest a further investigation by a specialist to ensure that a buyer and/or a seller understand the gravity of the issue at hand.

Understanding the health and condition of a home is an essential part of home ownership and having the expertise of an experienced and knowledgeable NJ home inspector is critical. While these are the top 5 expensive home repairs that come to mind they are certainly not the only expensive repairs that may be needed. Purchasing a home is a huge investment and avoiding expensive repairs is at the top of most home buyers’ minds.

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Contact our team at Your Home Inspector LLC today to learn more about our Mahwah NJ home inspection company. We welcome the opportunity to fill you in on the home inspection process while sharing our checklist with you. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to the home inspection process, answering all of your questions including what the 5 most expensive home repairs to look out for are.